Friday, August 15, 2014


We played a game at a co-workers baby shower this week. Everyone brings in a baby picture and we all try to match the babies to the adults.

This game is especially a doozy if you haven't yet learned all of your co-workers names and faces. Needless to say I was not victorious.

Ok. Good setup. Now why I'm really writing this post.

When each of the 30 (out of 31) baby picture's matching adults were revealed, (is that the proper grammar? whew speaking of doozies. pictures plural? was revealed? heeelllpp meee) the reaction was usually, "OMG! WOW! Holy cow that is YOU?! What a cute cowboy outfit! Oh I thought that was a girl baby! Giggle laugh giggle laugh!"

Here's how it went when they pointed to my picture:

Host: "Baby #18, anyone want to gue..."


Left side is baby me. Right side is adult me. I felt the need to say that since apparently baby me looks SO much like adult me.

You know this happened to me in fourth grade, too. (I'm clearly over it.) At the time I got upset and blamed my Mom (ack!) because I thought she sent in a photo of me as a toddler, not as a baby. Because of course, me as a 2-year old would look so much more like 4th-grade me than as a 1-year old... (I never said I was rational.) The entire class guessed me correctly and I was traumatized forever. But this shower was my chance to redeem myself! (because it's all about me...)

Instead I'm still trying to figure out why I still look like a baby. Woe is me.

There you go, that is the whole point of this post. Nothing but deep and insightful thoughts going on in my world. I am the modern-day Buddha.

Sending yall lots of love for the weekend.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

¿Don't? have some more salt.

Two articles came out recently, one says salt kills millions and the other says it's okay to have more salt. Go figure. I think the main point is that salt is fine for people who know they don't have cardiovascular problems. Here's where I make a brilliant joke about balancing your salt intake.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vote for Pearl!

If you have an extra 20 seconds to spare, please use them wisely and vote for our sweet girl. We've entered her in Garden and Gun's Good Dog Photo Contest.

She will be so excited if she wins.

Here's the link:

And here is Pearl saying DO IT, VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Motivation: Cooperation

Did I hear somebody beep? Nope. Do these commuters forgo discord because any trouble would be disastrous and could potentially get them mobbed by everyone behind them? Or is it their society's nature to be cooperative and peaceful. My guess is it's a combination of both but I honestly have no idea.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Inside Fireworks

Some dude flew his drone into the 2014 Nashville fireworks. From minute four to five is spectacular. I don't think they've arrested him yet, just kidding but you never know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There's been a hawk hanging out and making a lot of noise in our neighborhood. I shot the video and photo above. Katie would like to direct you to this article.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

General Contractor for Hire

This post could also be titled: Katie meets Spackling Putty

While I did a lot of lounging around (read: nothing) during my time as a Lady of Leisure, I also took the time to catch up on our master 'do' list. You know, that list of items the home inspector said needed fixing before you should buy the house...

Doesn't matter that more than a year has gone by since we bought the house, right now is always a perfect time to start on that list. It's also very motivating to be done with House of Cards and Rob had said no more trips to the mall or plant store! 

Our house's previous owner had a security system that we replaced. The replacement used new parts so the old stuff was left attached to all the walls. Geniuses we are - we had some rooms in our house painted and we didn't remove the old parts first..soooo the painters very neatly painted around the old security bits. #newhomeowners

I got up enough courage one afternoon (read: wine) and decided I could remove the pieces and patch/paint the walls. Surely growing up watching Home Improvement makes me qualified. (<3 JTT ok?!)

It actually went a lot easier than I thought. I had the spot patched and repainted within a few hours and didn't even need one trip to Home Depot or call to Rob to blame the mess on the dog and ask him to fix it. Here's the before, during and after! 

Before, obv.