Friday, July 11, 2014

Inside Fireworks

Some dude flew his drone into the 2014 Nashville fireworks. From minute four to five is spectacular. I don't think they've arrested him yet, just kidding but you never know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There's been a hawk hanging out and making a lot of noise in our neighborhood. I shot the video and photo above. Katie would like to direct you to this article.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

General Contractor for Hire

This post could also be titled: Katie meets Spackling Putty

While I did a lot of lounging around (read: nothing) during my time as a Lady of Leisure, I also took the time to catch up on our master 'do' list. You know, that list of items the home inspector said needed fixing before you should buy the house...

Doesn't matter that more than a year has gone by since we bought the house, right now is always a perfect time to start on that list. It's also very motivating to be done with House of Cards and Rob had said no more trips to the mall or plant store! 

Our house's previous owner had a security system that we replaced. The replacement used new parts so the old stuff was left attached to all the walls. Geniuses we are - we had some rooms in our house painted and we didn't remove the old parts first..soooo the painters very neatly painted around the old security bits. #newhomeowners

I got up enough courage one afternoon (read: wine) and decided I could remove the pieces and patch/paint the walls. Surely growing up watching Home Improvement makes me qualified. (<3 JTT ok?!)

It actually went a lot easier than I thought. I had the spot patched and repainted within a few hours and didn't even need one trip to Home Depot or call to Rob to blame the mess on the dog and ask him to fix it. Here's the before, during and after! 

Before, obv.



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AirDog, your personal videographer

As the FAA is trying to make recreational drones illegal the folks at AirDog just blew my mind. There's current, advanced, cutting-edge, and then these folks. I don't even know what to call it. Somebody call Buck Rodgers or the people at Airwolf to figure this out.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Fact: You are not an American if this song doesn't get you ready for July 4.

Trust me my little freedom munchkins, the volume is best at MAX.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Laid Off Life

I started this post as a picture montage to tell you what I’ve been up to for the past few months. Seeing as I haven’t posted on this blog I must have been crazy busy. Ding ding ding you are correct! I was extremely busy this spring.

KDizzle and PDiddy being crazy busy

Thing is I was laid-off in mid-April. Laid-off over the phone…

Pearl is just as shocked as you are.

Yes, over the phone. As in, I had the day off and was running errands. As in, the person did not ask me to swing by the office to talk about something #kindasuperimportant. As in, I told my Mom how it went down and her reaction: “Is that legal?”

Because I was raised with integrity, I know that there’s a basic level of human decency owed to everyone on earth. Translation, you are not too busy to eliminate someone’s position in a face-to-face meeting – you are just a jerk.

Where was I? Oh right – I was telling you that I originally started this post as a picture montage of my few weeks spent without a care in the world. With hilarious captions peppered throughout. Naturally.

But then I realized that only focused on my mini-life-vacation and I really want to give you the BIG NEWS!!!!

I got a new JOB!!! Less than 2 weeks after leaving Capstrat I was offered a new job. Yeah baby.

I started on May 20 in the marketing department of an international engineering firm and things are going fantastically. (Is that a word?? Actually I don’t care. If you are offended by my word creation simply hit the red X.) I have a great office with an incredible view. I have a boss that is a great manager and cares about nurturing me and helping me grow in my career. Things really work out for the best. I do miss some of my old coworkers but I just have new ones to get to know now! Things couldn't be any better.

That is the big news. Confetti! Streamers! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the WWW!

Hello? You’re still here? Guess you really wanted those pictures of my #laidofflife. OKOK geesh.

Pearl says, "Mom is home all day? This is the best day of my entire life!!" 
Waffles and Good Morning America in bed. Laundry be damned.

Finishing up some scrapbooking projects. 

We've worked hard all day. Let's nap on the sofa. #ladiesofleisure

Cooking super healthy lunches! Totally correct lettuce to bacon ratio.

Pearl says, "Dad, Mom and I are too busy watching House of Cards to go out and get dinner."

Sailing with Dad. I did not flip the boat!

Food Truck lunch with my sweetie

Derby Do! My BFF is better than yours.

Helped my Dad and Grandfather out at their office on some marketing and decorating.

Pearl says, "Mom this yard is looking rough!" (BEFORE CLEARLY)

This gets Pearl's stamp of approval. She would also give a high-five if she could tell the plants were PURPLE! and GOLD!

Bit more house fluffing

Hosted our family for Mother's Day

Ran a very hilly half marathon

With my Dad at the half marathon finish

You don't get this if you don't finish

At the drive-in with my sweetie and puppy.

Whew! After all of that fun I need another break!